Educating your child on your epilepsy

Published on 9 June 2023 at 13:42

Let me first start this blog entry off by saying you know your children the best!!  Children are naturally curious and helping them understand why they or mommy/daddy need help sometimes is important. I will educate you on scenarios that have helped me explain my epilepsy to my child.


1st, the age of your child when speaking to them about epilepsy is very important. My child is a toddler and being able to use language that is easy to understand and positive is very critical in showing her that my epilepsy is okay. Be honest with your child, they deserve to know what is happening or could happen. I had a seizure in my sleep and when I woke up and calmed down, I went and found my daughter and laid on the couch with her. I showed her mommy’s boo boo and had her kiss my forehead. I let her know that mommy fell, and she hit her head and sometimes mommy can’t control it. She of course started singing Coco melon “need a Band-Aid for my Boo Boo” song. However, this was an important step for me in being able to explain to her future self about my epilepsy.


2nd, I have made sure her daycare and nanny are aware of my epilepsy and potential seizures that could occur. Being able to have other care givers on my side and understand will help the process of my child when she might see me have one. By having these caregivers know important steps and procedures to take during an episode, allows my daughter to see them be able to handle mommy in an important time in her life and she will learn from their actions.


The day has yet to come where my daughter has seen me have a seizure, I dread and worry about it every day. However, I know one day more questions and concerns will arise. Educating and showing your child at an early age what is happening will allow them to succeed in those times and not be scared or upset if your diagnosis is withheld from them. This is an opportunity for you to be able to make your child strong, show case and instill honesty and show them that even with a disability a good quality of life is achievable with epilepsy. Good luck my friends 😊

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