Hey everyone!! My name is Brittany, and I am a single mother of a beautiful daughter, MBA degree, lifetime epileptic, Epilepsy Foundation Advocate Champion, inspirational motivator, freelance writer and educator for the cause to overcome epilepsy! Together we can make a difference and even if we can’t change our diagnosis, at least we can help each other by educating ourselves through wisdom, love and sharing.


I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 8 with grand mal seizures, which until recently have now become refractory seizures. Like many of you, my epilepsy is part of my family history its hereditary. Out of myself, brother, and sister I was the lucky one to get seizures. And I say lucky because with all the hurdles and depression, sacrifice, and emotions that people don’t see from the outside when it comes to epilepsy; there are so many benefits. WHAT? Benefits, this girl is crazy, is she really an advocate? Haha yes, I am.


 I am writing this blog to not only release a lot of my own emotions and past hurdles but to help people with epilepsy understand it, live with it, and ultimately overcome the challenges that you can endure with this diagnosis. Your mind is a powerful thing, there is a lot of dark and light and in our case a lot of excess electrical signals. However, the mind is ever changing, and growth is one of the best things it gives us if we choose.


I hope you find this blog helpful to anyone trying to understand what they are dealing with and how to manage it and ultimately find themselves living a beautiful, fulfilling, and peaceful life while living with epilepsy.

Enjoy my friends😊