Passenger Princess

Published on 7 June 2023 at 20:54

I am 32 as of 2023 and I had my license up until I had my first child in 2021. Doctors always told me my hormones would change, however I never really understood how they would change when it came to my epilepsy.


I am sure a lot of you have had or are having challenges with getting your license back. It is a small piece of plastic, but it represents a lot more than your name, picture, and address. Having a license to someone with epilepsy is a sense of independence, and I never realized that until my license was suspended. You go from easily saying “hey I’m going to the store” to “who wants to take me to the store”.  Being able to drive is so critical in one’s employment, socialization, and self-esteem. However, it is also a privilege to drive, for the DMV wants to make sure the public is safe. Which of course is the number one priority when receiving your license.


I have had my license suspended for 6 months and the day after I got it back, I had another seizure that has led me down a road where my license is now revoked for up to 5 years. For me this is devasting, stressful and is causing me a lot of anxiety in the fact that not only am I worrying about how I will get myself to work, but how will my two-year-old daughter get to daycare? How do I take my daughter to the park or zoo or even just go to Walmart? These thoughts surround me with negativity which does not help with our condition. I can ultimately put myself at harm due to this anxiety and negative thinking.


I do have family in the area however, they will be moving in the next year, and they want me to go with them. As much as I love my family I am and have always been an independent person and the thought of living with my parents for the rest of my life or even a couple years is daunting for me to think about. (Still love you mom!). So, I have challenged myself to stay where I am and figure out my driving situation until I am clear.


Uber didn’t work plus the cost is outrageous, Lyft same. Taxi services are not available in my area and getting a medical vehicle to pick me up will not have an option for car seats let alone take and pick up my daughter and I every day. SO WHAT DO I DO? A roommate, or get a boyfriend? Eh, again the stubborn, independent woman over here.  Let’s just say I broke down crying in front of my boss hysterically which was super embarrassing at the time but led me to realize I had to do something. NOW.  


I finally tried posting ads on and then reached out on Facebook groups to my local town for a driver. I posted my story and informed people I was willing to pay for their services. I was flooded with hits, and after a couple interviews found the person that has been continuously helping my daughter and I work around our driving situation. My daughter loves her, and we have become genuine friends.


I encourage anyone that is having difficulties with driving to be creative in your solutions. Don’t be negative and give up hoping someone will come to your aid. No. Take control of your life. You are strong, you are capable, and you must choose that part of your brain where you choose happiness. Today I consider myself a passenger princess until I receive my license back, then I will consider myself a driving princess. There are still days that are inconvenient and don’t work but I make sure I have a driving plan the Friday before. I order my food to be delivered and have tried programs like Hello Fresh that allow me to get my food delivered and to be healthy at the same time. Watching our diet habits is another great step in helping control our seizures. Being able to come up with these creative solutions has helped me greatly in being more successful with my driving situation and overall mental health. I hope this blog was able to help someone else within the same confines. Good luck my friends 😊

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